poem 41 – 2-5-16 – MOTHER (PART 3)


poem 41 – 2-5-16 – MOTHER (PART 3)

she was the oldest of fourteen

being the oldest child

presented her most responsibility

her father was said to be a good man

but a drunk.

he inherited land

memories and soil

his family lived underprivileged

yet rich with love

empathy and gratitude

go a long way

poem 41 – 2-3-16 – SPACE (PART 2)


poem 41 – 2-3-16 – SPACE (PART 2)


i’m now hunched over a coffee table

still here, in the room adjacent that holds  the small desk

where i started this poem.

this is not meant to be taken as journal entries

but rather, take this as a simple documentation

an explanation if you will

maybe one day you can take it as my apology

if you could find it in your heart to understand it

that way.


i started a photo series called Los Angeles New Wave

please look back at those

and take them as documentation

an explaination

and as an apology

i write this in case

i don’t make it out of this lugubrious place

Life / Anhedonia

poem 40 – 2-2-16 – MOTHER (PART 2)


poem 40 – 2-2-16 – MOTHER (PART 2)

two boys that grew up together
found themselves in a New York diner
after stomaching circumstances
that made a grown man cry

said man found the boys now 18, and 25
with the ship’s cargo
my father, the 18 year old
held up a large knife
trying to honor the 26 days
his friend Mario and he endured hidden
along side apples & melons

neither of their families owned refrigerators
they purchased their goods
with their daily labors wage
kids with no shoes
kids that cleaned ships
and fished for their mothers

they feed their blood
by the ways of the water

no schooling
cuz an education
for them
meant time away from the ship
which meant less food
hand to mouth
they needed to be selfless
to be a good sons

poem 39 – 2-2-16 – SPACE (PART I)


poem 39 – 2-2-16 – SPACE (PART I)
at a small desk
at the corner of the room

this said room’s walls are painted sea foam green
(not a color i would have picked out, if given a choice, but it does comfort me)

i’ve spent a lot of time in this room
(that said time provided, a lot of memories)
i feel them upon entering
i feel them stronger when waking here

they live concurrently
i try to sort and separate
i mute some
i postpose going mad.

i am not ready to fully let go.
that persistency to hold on
is a chosen insanity in itself

poem 38 – 2-2-16 – MOTHER (PART I)


poem 38 – 2-2-16 – MOTHER (PART I)


a mother ignores her mother
her eyes are glued
to the entertainment box
as her mother complains
of her aches and inner pain
no one can see
or fix

all we say is
“it comes with old age”

the mother watches
her daughter’s eyes transfix
away from hers
it’s a sad sight

focused on the moving figures
that live inside said entertainment box
the figures move towards nothingness

two mothers
in the box called living
to the box called cooking
where i stood over the stove
staring at the omelet on the skillet