poem 47 – 6-18-16 – Things My Grandmother Has Been Saying


poem 47 – 6-18-16 – Things My Grandmother Has Been Saying

“there, I’m on the road with God”
“there, I’m on my way with him”
“I’m more there than here”
“I want to die, already”
“when I die, I’m gonna come back and visit you”
“when I die, I’m taking the television”
“that television is mine, Jesus gave it to me”
“where am I?”
“take me home”
“call Christina, tell her pick me up”
“I want to go back to El Salvador”
“I want to die in El Salvador”
“I used to hold you when you were this small”
“remember, i used to pick you from school”
“remember, when i used to be able to walk”
“aahh, my body hurts”
“my body hurts”
“my body is burning up”
“there’s fire in me”
“my insides are burning up”
“I got a pain inside that won’t ever stop”
“getting old is a sad thing”
“you don’t understand my pain”
“this food has no flavor”
“food is good for those who can still taste”
“look at you eat, must be nice”
“I eat, but i don’t enjoy any of it”
“no more water, i’m gonna piss myself”
where’s your mother?”
“where’s More?”
“where’s that lady?”
“they abandonded me”
“they left me here”
“aahh, it’s a sad thing, getting old”
“I remember my life back on the ranch”