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poem 28 – 2-27-15


i walk cuz i don’t have a car

i don’t have a car cuz i can’t afford one

i can’t afford one cuz i don’t try to

i don’t try to cuz i’m lazy

i’m lazy cuz i care enough that you care, but not enough to do anything about it

i’m depressed and so are you

you’re just better at life than me

aren’t you?

(i’ll either read that last line twice


have a few moments of silence

cuz silence is golden

isn’t it?

silence is dissonance

and dissonance is so desperate to live)

the universe aka GOD is not what you or i believe it to be

us fighting over it is pretty funny

i don’t know why we aren’t laughing

it’s laughable

it really is

i question if others are better at life than me

enough to fool myself with my own rhetoric

i once wrote a lyric “sophistry killed me”

isn’t that something?

(it was a shitty song-i was never a musician)

i bet that happens a lot… death by lies.

death caused by a lie or whatever

i wonder if anyone died cuz a lie i have told

who knows?


truth be told

a joke

a trick

a waste of time

an infinite jest

a man boy

a sign of disrespect

a complicated yet simple truth

a dramatic dogmatic sky wept

a drunken man slept

a sober asshole wrote a fucking shit novel and everyone loved it

a guy that knew a guy

a drug dealer that cared about you and wanted you as a friend but instead you gave them money and left

a dismal endnote

a sentence that ran long distance

a person dying lying

a lazy liar lied with with his last breath

he said nothing profound at his end

a stripper naked knew herself better than you fully clothed and covered in regret you lugged around your suitcase of disappointment

the optimal was ignored over and over

you owe something to something

end it with no resolution

end it with a question again

end it with

what if?

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