poem 36- 10-20-15 – LIFE / ANHEDONIA

trapped within this skin,
the owner of gentle words
is seemingly non-existent,
incapable of reaching helping hands,
kind lips

a sinking ship lent itself,
it took its next role
it became an anchor
it lives in our stomach

the colors are no longer vivid,
they are dulling,
losing all meaning
the hope we were born into
is now fleeting

an illusion we cannot maintain
this soul-case, is forgetting its shape

i am not scared,
this so-called life
does not hold me,
i will be free again
into silence and stillness

One response to “LIFE / ANHEDONIA”

  1. There is a fitful, aching agony in being alone and claustrophobic rage knowing that is it. You capture that in Anhedonia, or I found it. There is joy in becoming as unalone as possible.

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